400sq/ft Tiny Log Cabin .. SUPER CUTE!

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People are becoming increasingly interested in living in a small home. If you are one of the people who wants to build your own tiny house, Escape Homes might be a great option for you. There are so many tiny house designs and floorplans available on the internet, but there are also companies are offering complete homes for sale. Escape Homes builds the home for a client, making any modifications the client would like, and then delivers the house to the client’s property and sets it up for them. For starting prices of $78,000 people can own a brand new small home that includes everything needed to start living inside. The other wonderful thing about Escape Homes is that they offer some of the best small home plans on the market. While their plans are not for sale individually, they offer the whole package and build the house too, saving clients time, and possibly money in the long run. If you are looking to build your own tiny house, you have to factor in all of the costs and labour involved in the build and fit them into your budget. Planning the layout of the tiny house designs, sourcing all of the materials to build and furnish the home and then either paying for a contractor to build it, or building it yourself, is all hard work. While some people want to have a hands-on do it yourself approach, other people don’t have the time or desire to build their own home. So a package from Escape Homes would be perfect for that type of client.

The best small home plans include everything in them in an organized and stylish design. Tiny house designs are typically harder to plan out than an average sized house because the design needs to be strategized so that everything fits into it perfectly. The three small home designs from Escape Homes are all of the above and more. As you will see in the photos, the design is contemporary and stylish, adding lots of nice, large windows to enhance the space within the home. Did you know that windows create the illusion of more space, by allowing some of the outside world in? You can see that the floor to ceiling windows in each of the designs offered allow beautiful natural light into the space, as well as the lovely views surrounding the home.

It really allows the homeowner feel connected to nature and their surroundings. These small houses are also able to go off-grid and can be compatible to any solar power set up. With the increasing need to be environmentally conscious, these homes also use less energy because of their small size, making them a very eco friendly option. Most of the house plans are one bedroom, but you can modify them to have two bedrooms. The sundeck on the front of the house is a beautiful place to set up an outdoor living space, perhaps even a studio or office space, and can be glassed in, or screened in depending on what the client prefers.

These park model style homes are built with real people in mind, and take into account how most people use the space they live in. They were designed by leading architects, SALA Architects who have won awards for their innovative designs. The houses can be built in as little as 90 days, which means no waiting around for construction crews to be finished. Once the house is built and delivered, the company comes out to check on the house and make sure everything is working well for the dweller, they also have a five year warranty on all of their houses. Enjoy looking at each of the beautiful designs they offer.***

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