Building a cabin yourself is economical. Materials including doors and windows, was around $2,200!!!

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Building anything out of wood can be expensive, but if you go about it the right way, you can build anything, even a cabin on a budget. This project from Instructables shows you how you can make a small cabin or shed of your own for just $2,000. That's not a lot to spare, and the entire project isn't too complicated either. You will need some basic building knowledge and experience as well as the right tools and maybe some help. The $2,200 includes the cost of materials including the wood, doors and windows. You could even potentially decrease this price if you used all recycled materials too. Some people have managed to build tiny houses and wood cabins out of pallets which you can get for free keeping the cost of their shed or cabin really low. You just wouldn't want to live in a space like that full-time though. Also, remember to check with your local bylaw office before you start building to see what permits you need if any. Typically, buildings of this size won't require a building permit though.

The floor plan for this wood cabin is 12 feet by 20 feet making it the perfect size for a backyard shelter or a camping cabin out in nature. To start out in building your small wood cabin, you'll drill and plant posts in the ground to create a solid foundation. Then, you'll start framing the floor, and once the floor is in place, you can start building the walls of the cabin. You will leave openings for the windows and the doors depending on where you've planned them to be and how big they are. You will also see how the roof is assembled and then covered with a metal roofing material which is a great choice for places that get a lot of snow. You can see each of the steps in the tutorial from Instructables in photos shared making it easy to understand each of the steps. There are also video tutorials on YouTube you can check out, so you really understand the entire process before you start.

Once the wall framing is up, you can then install the siding that will create the walls of the house. In this case, he used a board and batten style of siding that looks really clean and stylish, yet very natural. He didn't insulate this wood cabin which would be okay for part-time use or for use as a shed, but if you'd be spending more time in there in the winter, you may want to insulate it properly. This wood cabin has one door and one window on the front and two small windows on the back which is perfect for a structure like this. Windows can be expensive, so if you're just using your cabin as a recreational cabin or a guest house, you can always try and get reused windows or discounted windows too. If you wanted finished walls inside the cabin, you could install some wooden tongue and groove panelling inside for added warmth. So as you can see, building a small wood cabin isn't actually all too difficult, and it might actually be a very fun project to do with your family. Once you're done building it, it could become a hang out space, a home office, a studio, a home gym or even a guest room that's detached from the house. Some people just use these as pool rooms or storage sheds too. Check out this and other projects on Instructables for more ideas for things you can make yourself.***

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