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The Mother-In-Law Cottage is $16,800

On a budget? The mother in law cottage is only $16,800 for the 14 x 40 basic model. For the premium model, the 14 foot by 28 foot basic model, you get one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room and ... continued

A country girl's dream cabin .. . .check out the inside!

If you've ever dreamed of the ultimate wood cabin getaway, you will want to take a look at this cowboy inspired log cabin design. It has everything you need to live the life of your dreams in a wood c ... continued

118 SQ FT adorable COOKING HUT you should have!

This Kaylee BBQ Hut Kit is like nothing you've seen before. Imagine sitting around inside this charming little house with family and friends while your dinner cooks right in front of you. This small h ... continued

Would you use this 120 sqft. Cute and Tiny Backyard Cabin?

Would you use this cute 120 square foot backyard cabin? If you’ve been thinking about extending your living space, this multi-purpose tiny cabin could be just the way to do it – the sky is truly t ... continued

This lil' cabin is cute inside and out...learn more . .

The Mari A log home kit looks like the perfect mountain cabin like something out of a postcard. This charming little log cabin kit is just small enough that the cabin doesn't need to have a building p ... continued

Would you build this VAULTED CEILING 1400 Square Foot Log Cabin?

It's easy to imagine this recreational log house design in the location of your dreams. This log cabin design is good value for the money. This appealing log house design has 1,395 square feet of spac ... continued

Can you picture yourself in these Colorful Tiny Dome Homes for under 4K?

Did you know these colorful Binishell dome homes made from inflatable concrete cost just $3,500! That makes the Binishell dome home practically affordable enough to put in the backyard for your kids t ... continued

Yes or NO - Should you rent a log cabin BEFORE building your own? Read more ...

Many people would love to buy and build a luxury log cabin of their own. There is a lot to know when it comes to wood cabin floor plans and designs, and what better way to learn about a log home then ... continued

Can you see yourself in this Romantic Log Cabin ?

Many people have the dream of building a log house or cabin of their very own. Can you see yourself in this romantic log cabin? Before you dive into planning and building a log house of your very ow ... continued

Is this 3 Level Log Cabin the perfect design for you ?

If you've ever dreamed of building your own log cabin, it's a good idea to plan a vacation stay in the log cabin of your dreams. That's just what this theater cabin known as a Bear Endeavor from Cabin ... continued

Do you love the BARN Style Log Cabin?

You will want to take a closer look at this Eco Log home with it's 26 foot by 40-foot footprint with its Gambrel style roof (also known as a barn style roof). In addition to the main barn style house, ... continued

Granny's Log Cabin Kit .. just 20K to get started

This is a great option for a 'Mother in Law' or Granny home, which is why we have named it Granny's log cabin kit. This model is called the Serenity cabin. This package is an adorable log cabin kit wi ... continued

840 Square Feet Log Cabin is a GEM!

The Bison log home kit is an 840 square foot cabin that has everything needed for a comfortable stay. The home cabin kit has an open kitchen, dining and living area. The home cabin kit has three priva ... continued

The Best Sport Hideaway Log Cabin Kit Starting at $25,900

The Outdoorsman log cabin kit is the perfect log house for the outdoor enthusiast. This 14-foot by 21-foot log home cabin kit is one of the company's most popular models among fishermen and hunters. T ... continued

The PERFECT Cowboy Cabin Starting at $18,900 . . .

The Durango small log home is a tiny cabin you will love. This small log home of 232 square feet has one bedroom, and a full bath that has just the right amount of space to stay comfortably. The price ... continued

The Deluxe Log Cabin from AMISH CABINS Is their Most Popular Model

A beautiful log cabin like this could have you wanting to build a log house of your very own. The deluxe log cabin from Amish Cabins is their most popular model and we can see why. With it's high ce ... continued

How often would you use this Weekend Retreat Log Cabin?

Wood cabins are very desirable to own and enjoy, like this Weekend Retreat cabin from Amish Cabin Company. How often would you use this Weekend Retreat log cabin? It's easy to imagine yourself drivi ... continued

Do you want a Log Cabin under 600 Sq Ft? Check out these options . . .

The Deluxe Lincoln log home kit is the perfect cabin for a slim lot, to be used as a hunting cabin, a recreational camp and so much more. The Lincoln home kit features a six-foot end porch with a six- ... continued

This Picturesque Log Cabin Is Perfect for a Lake Lot and starts at 21,000 . . .

When it comes to handcrafted log home builders, the Amish have a reputation for building some of the most beautiful log cabins you will find. The deluxe Boone log house kit is a good example of qualit ... continued

Would you want to live in a TWO or THREE LEVEL Log Home ?

After looking at this log home kit, would you want to live in a two or thee level log home? This log home kit for sale has a 24 foot by 40-foot footprint and can have up to 2700 square feet of total l ... continued

This OFF GRID SOLAR KIT includes all necessary bits and pieces to make things easy.

Whether it's a small solar panel kit for your small cabin, or to power a whole house, this awesome Off Grid Solar Kit from Green Garden Chicken is worth checking out. These particular solar power kit ... continued

Thinking of going off grid? Learn more about this AWESOME Off Grid Solar Kit . . .

When looking to create an off grid living solar power system you need to find a great kit to get you started. This Off Grid Solar Kit from Green Garden Chicken is an awesome option that includes all ... continued

What do you prefer? A Real or Fake Christmas Tree?

It's that time of year when people consider getting a tree or putting up a Christmas tree to decorate with holiday decorations. The question on the sort of carbon footprint your Christmas tree choice ... continued

Can you Imagine yourself in this GETAWAY Tiny Cabin ?

Small log cabins make the greatest vacation homes, just like this light and cozy Getaway tiny cabin from Escape Homes. You don't need a big budget for these tiny cabins either. Costing just $78,700 ... continued

American Made Chicken Coop Shipped Fully Assembled!

Chickens are a great addition to any homestead, but they need a house to live in. This American made chicken coop is shipped fully assembled, so you don't have to worry about making a chicken coop yo ... continued

This Cute Cozy Cabin is just UNDER 20K .

With all of the cute log cabin designs out there, it can be hard to choose the perfect cabin, but when you find one for a good price, that decision can be made much easier. The Caribou cabin with dor ... continued

The Mother in Law Cottage Is $16,800

On a budget? The mother in law cottage is only $16,800 for the 14 x 40 basic model. For the premium model, the 14 foot by 28 foot basic model, you get one bedroom, one bathroom and a living room and ... continued

Can you see yourself in this cozy Lake Cabin for the cost ?

Envision a warm, crackling fire, the soft glow of the flames dancing on the wooden walls of a wood cabin, the comforts of small log cabins. This Lake cabin is $51,348 from Green Garden Chicken, an on ... continued

Check Out This Cute Cozy Courtyard Cabin Kit for $22,000.00

Looking at log home plans and designs is fun, especially when you find really great deals on small log homes like the Courtyard cabin at $22,000.00. This is one of the many log home plans and designs ... continued

Check out this 14x14 Turn Key Cabin ...

Investing in a log cabin or home is a big decision to make, and there are so many different options to consider. Here is the complete turn key cabin for $40,800 from Green Garden Chicken. A lovely, ... continued

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