How to Make Basted Eggs

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In this short step by step video, you will learn how to make basted eggs. This is a great breakfast recipe idea and easy to make. To start melt some butter over medium heat in a non-stick skillet. Then crack your eggs into the pan and let cook for about 30 seconds, or until you see the edges of the eggs go from clear to white. At this stage you want to add one tablespoon of water, then put a lid on the frying pan to help capture the steam. Cook the eggs for 2 to 3 minutes, depending on whether you like a soft or hard yolk. The eggs are ready when there is a thin layer over the yolk. You can serve your basted eggs with some toast for dipping into the yolk, and a couple of slices of oranges. You'll want to watch the full step by step video tutorial on the Grandmothers Kitchen YouTube site.

Eating a diet that is planet-friendly includes consuming dairy products, meat, and eggs. Beyond reducing the number of eggs you eat, you want to be sure that the eggs you do consume are the most humanely raised and best quality. This can be easier said than done, as there are more egg choices available today than ever before. These days, egg cartons have claims such as cage-free, free-run, organic free range and free-range. And these egg choices matter. Tragically, there is still a large percentage of egg-laying hens that are confined in battery cages, which are small wire cubes that house five to seven birds each, with beaks cut so to control damage from pecking their cage mates. So whenever you can, it is best to choose eggs that are raised in humane ways. The following are just some of the choices you have.

Cage-free eggs come from hens that are not confined to battery cages, but that’s about it. These hens don’t have access to the outdoors, and there are no assurances about what the hens are fed or what kinds of medications the birds are given. You might see this claim on all three types of non-battery cage egg production to include free-run, free-range and organic free range. Free-run eggs mean that the chickens can move around in open concept barns, but the hens don’t necessarily have access to the great outdoors, and overcrowding may still be an issue. Free-range eggs mean that the hens see the light of day depending on the weather outside, and the chicken's feet come in contact with the earth. Organic free-range eggs are your best choice. Hens that produce certified organic free range eggs benefit from the highest welfare standards. Certified organic labels often require the use of organic feed that is also without growth hormones or antibiotics.

Basting eggs with some hot melted butter offers a perfect sunny side up food idea and deliciously nutty flavor. You can serve this egg recipe with toast or some cheesy grits. For a healthy breakfast or dinner food idea, you can serve basted eggs open-faced on a slice of avocado sourdough toast with a small bowl of fruit on the side. YOu also might choose to serve your basted eggs sandwiched between a cinnamon raisin bagel, which is a sweet and savory food idea you are sure to love. You will find this tutorial on how to make basted eggs on the Grandmother's Kitchen YouTube site. On the site, you will find main dish food ideas, dessert recipes, soup and salad ideas, cake recipes, side dish recipes and so much more, just like grandmother makes them. **

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