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Learn how to make this apple fritters in this quick and easy apple recipe. If you've never considering making apple fritters, because you though them too difficult to make, you'll want to watch this short step by step video tutorial on this easy apple recipe. Imagine making apple fritters yourself, fresh and warm just like the bakery. This easy apple recipe uses simple ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen. With this easy apple recipe that you will be sure to make again and again. This easy apple recipe will make your mouth water, and you'll never need to get them from the bakery again. The best part about this easy apple recipe is that you'll know exactly the ingredients that go into the recipe, and if you choose to deep fry them in coconut oil as the recipe suggests, you can feel even better knowing just how healthy they are.

When it comes to buying and storing apples for your easy apple recipes, there are a few things to know. Most apples start out as green and develop a blush or redden fully as they ripen. Still, there are certain apple varieties that stay greener, so you can't go just on the color. You can tell a lot more about an apple simply by feeling it. Rub your finger on the apple skin. An overripe apple will feel waxy, which can be trickier to determine with commercially grown apples, which have a food-grade wax coating to help keep them looking their best. Feel for any bruises or soft spots on the apples, as you don't want those, so and give the apple a gentle squeeze. Some types of apples aren't as firm-fleshed as others, so if you feel a lot of give, then the apple is probably old or overripe. The key to keeping apples is to make sure to keep them cold. Apples give off a ripening gas called ethylene that will also ripen other fruits and vegetables that are around them. That's helpful if you really need a green bunch of bananas to turn yellow. Otherwise, you want to keep the apples separate and refrigerate them, which will slow down the release of ethylene. Store apples in a tightly closed plastic bag to help trap the humidity, and then put the apple bag in the produce drawer.

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