Easy Homemade Chocolates

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Looking for a homemade chocolate recipe that is super easy!..This is the one. It requires just 3 main ingredients: Raw cacao butter, raw dark cacao bars (or paste, or powder), and honey! The rest of the process is up to you to create the mixture of flavors that you are looking for.

We tend to use chocolate in desserts, but it is important to note that cacao doesn’t contain any sugar in its original form. Sugar tends to be added to chocolate to make it more desirable to eat as the original form can be very bitter. This makes raw cacao an ideal choice for diabetics or people on low sugar or low carb diets who love the rich taste of chocolate, but don’t want the added sugar. For those who enjoy high percentages of dark chocolate, raw cacao will be an easier transition than for those who prefer milk chocolate. If you really can’t take the bitterness of cacao, consider pairing it with naturally sweet foods such as fresh fruit or berries, or use an alternative sweetener like liquid or granulated stevia. The results will still be healthier than if you were to enjoy highly sweetened chocolate from the store.

With all the nutritional benefits of cacao beans, there is no wonder we constantly use them in their form of cocoa powder, but we should be using them in their raw form more often too especially if you are looking to make healthier desserts. Consider using cacao in raw desserts, such as raw chocolate fudge, adding cacao nibs to ice cream, or blending into raw cakes. Of course, there is no real scientific evidence to say that cacao nutrition diminishes during cooking or baking, so feel free to use cacao nibs as a healthier substitute to sweetened chocolate chips in your baked cakes, brownies and cookies as well. The secret to healthy eating is to use the best ingredients possible and regardless of whether you use cacao in raw or baked desserts, it is still one of the healthiest forms of chocolate to consume.

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