Grandmothers Apple Dumplings

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Aren't these apple dumplings one of the cutest dessert recipes you have ever seen? Grandmother's Apple Dumplings have always been a favourite recipe in our family, so we wanted to share it with you. Maybe it'll become one of your favourite simple apple desserts too. Inside the nice, flaky and buttery pastry is a deliciously sweet apple and spice filling. Just like a pie, but in a personal serving size. Many people shy away from pastry baking thinking that it's too difficult or finicky, but these apple dumplings are so easy to make, and the pastry crust is actually quite simple. For the type of apples to use in this recipe, try using a more tart apple, like a Granny Smith apple. The tartness of the apple seems to go really well with the sweet sugar ingredients in the filling. You can also use any apples from a backyard tree if you are lucky enough to have access to one.

Grandmothers Apple Dumplings dessert recipe is just as cute as the name. With tiny handheld pastries filled with apples, cinnamon and nutmeg, this simple apple dessert is sure to be a favorite. This simple apple dessert is a good way to use up those apples you may have in the fridge and an easy dessert that will fill your house with the lovely aroma of cinnamon. This is a nice dessert recipe that you can bring along for a picnic, a family gettogether or for lunches. You don't need a fork to enjoy them, although you might want to bring along a napkin or two. You will love the simple crust recipe for this easy dessert, with real butter, milk and egg, the pastry is nice and flaky, and perfect for this lovely apple dessert recipe. You will find this simple apple dessert and other dessert recipes at the Grandmothers Kitchen site.

You'll need eight apples for this simple apple dessert, although six medium-sized apples might also do the trick. You can either use a large grater to cut them, or you can cut them into thin slices with a paring knife. If you are lucky enough to have an apple tree in your yard, then you can make this simple apple dessert all season long. Apples are a fruit that you want to buy organic when you can, as they are one of the fruits on the Dirty Dozen list from EWG. You might be surprised to find out that 90 percent of conventionally grown apples had detectable pesticide residues when tests were done. And 80 percent of those apples tested contained diphenylamine, which is a pesticide that is banned in Europe. Look for organic apples for sale at your grocery store and the local farmers market, and stock up when you can.

There is nothing quite like a good apple pie fresh from the oven, and this simple apple dessert is just that, in a smaller package. Apple pie is good enjoyed on its own, or can be served with a scoop of ice cream or some homemade whipped cream. One of the secrets to good apple pie is having a good pie crust recipe, and that usually involves some butter and some good quality ingredients. You will also want to use the right apples for your simple apple desserts and dessert recipes. The right apple will bake the best, and if done just right, melt in your mouth. Of course, apples are a fruit that is good on their own, but the following are some of the best apple varieties you might choose for baking. The best apples for baking are good at keeping their structure, which keeps the apple chunks of fruit from turning into mush after baking in the oven. Granny Smith apples will work for all of your simple apple desserts. Jonagold apples are another favorite that is tart with a nice sweetness; these apples hold up well in the oven. Braeburn apples are a crisp apple variety that bakes up juicy and not mushy. Honeycrisp apples have a crisp texture that holds firm when baked. Winesap apples and Pink Lady apples are also good apples to use in your simple apple desserts. **

Nutrition Facts for: Grandmothers Apple Dumplings From Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, butter, all purpose flour, baking powder, salt, milk, egg.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for servings. * Per Serving: Calories 245, Calories from Fat 79, Total Fat 8.8g 14%, Saturated Fat 5.2g 26%, Cholesterol 35mg 12%, Sodium 94mg 4%, Potassium 346mg 10%, Carbohydrates 40.4g 13%, Dietary Fiber 3.8g 15%, Sugars 19.2g, Protein 3.5g, Vitamin A 5%, Vitamin C 15%, Calcium 11%, Iron 10%

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