Grandma's Thumbprint Cookies with Jam

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Of all the Christmas cookies in the lists of possibilities, the thumbprint cookie recipe from my Grandmother is on the top 3 list for sure, sharing this title with gingerbread and homemade chocolates. There are so many Christmas cookie recipes on the internet and this one to me is a winner for several reasons: it is delicious, it is pretty and it is easy. There are only 5 ingredients in this recipe and they can be whipped up very quickly. Give these yummy thumbprint cookies away as gifts and make them festive with some colorful napkins and reusable tins from the kitchen store.

This thumbprint cookie recipe is one of the easiest homemade cookie recipes you can try. The best part about this easy homemade cookie recipe is that it only requires five ingredients, most of which you should already have in your kitchen. The secret to success with any dessert recipe is to closely follow the recipe instructions, and this easy homemade cookie recipe is no exception to this. The easy homemade cookie recipe calls for room temperature butter, and so you want to use exactly that, room temperature butter. The other ingredients in the easy homemade cookie recipe include sugar, pure vanilla extract, flour and raspberry jam. Depending on the time of year it is, you might want to get ambitious and make some raspberry jam. Of course, you could substitute the raspberry jam, for another of your favorite jam recipes to include strawberry jam, peach jam or wild blueberry jam to name a few.

A common mistake people make when they are baking up a batch of easy homemade cookies or holiday cookie recipes is not using room temperature butter. If you've ever tried to use out of the fridge butter or melted butter in place of room temperature butter, you will understand why this is so important. For this easy homemade cookies recipe, you start by using a stand mixer or a handheld mixer and beating together the room temperature butter, the sugar and the pure vanilla extract until it is creamy. If you use melted butter or cold butter, the resulting mixture will be anything but creamy, as the room temperature butter allows the mixture to fill with air, and make for the perfect base for the next step in the easy homemade cookies recipe. Some people think they can get away with melting the butter in the microwave, but what often happens is that the butter is melted too much, and this just won't work. And on the other hand, butter that is brought out of the fridge is almost impossible to mix. One trick that does work is using a box grater to grate the cold butter, that will then come to room temperature quite quickly. Your best bet is to bring the butter out of the fridge the night before you are making this easy homemade cookie recipe.

This easy homemade cookie recipe can be enjoyed all year long and is especially popular as a holiday cookie recipe. If you make this easy homemade cookie recipe in the summer months, you might consider using some homemade jam. Summer is a great time to go out and get a box of fresh raspberries or fresh strawberries and make up a batch of jam. This way you can enjoy the jam throughout the year. A great summer activity is going to one of the local UPick berry places and picking the berries yourself. It's a great family activity that the kids will love, and it gives them a better appreciation of where their food comes from. And if you decide to make this easy homemade cookie recipe as a holiday cookie recipe, you can bring it along to a cookie swap, or make it for a holiday bake sale. Thumbprint jam cookies also look great when boxed up and given as holiday gifts. **

Nutrition Facts of Grandma's Thumbprint Cookies with Jam from Grandmother's Kitchen
Ingredients: Butter, sugar, vanilla extract, flour, raspberry jam.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet.* The entire recipe has been calculated for 40 servings *Per Serving: Calories 86, Calories from Fat 42, Total Fat 4.7g 7%, Saturated Fat 2.9g 15%, Cholesterol 12mg 4%, Sodium 33mg 1%, Potassium 8mg 0%, Carbohydrates 10.7g 4%, Dietary Fiber 0.2g 1%, Sugars 5.2g, Protein 0.7g, Vitamin A 3% · Vitamin C 0%, Calcium 0% · Iron 2%

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