Lemon Curd

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This homemade lemon curd recipe can be used for all sorts of desserts in the kitchen. It is a great layer in a trifle, delicious as a stand alone scoopable treat, or the filling for a simple lemon tart. If you are a lemon recipe lover you will love how easy this lemon curd is to prepare.

This is a good lemon curd dessert recipe to have on file for many of your lemon desserts. You can use this easy to make lemon juice lemon as a filling for your tart dessert recipes, pie recipes or as a filling in trifles. This lemon curd also tastes good on its own, when you have a bit of a sweet craving. The lemon juice dessert recipe is so easy to make and uses simple ingredients that you may already have in the kitchen. With fresh lemon zest and freshly squeezed lemon juice, this lovely dessert recipe gets high marks. As with any dessert recipe, the quality of ingredients always makes a difference. The dessert recipe has lemon zest and lemon juice, so you want to buy fresh lemons and not try and substitute with lemon juice from a bottle. You will also need butter, and not margarine, to make this dessert recipe work.

Lemon curd can be used in a wide variety of dessert recipes, and once you know all the easy desserts you can make, you will know why this lemon juice recipe is so popular. Use lemon curd as a filling in thumb print cookie recipe, as a filling in a puff pastry cream cheese lemon curd dessert recipe, or in a no-bake lemon curd cheesecake bar recipe. You can also use lemon curd as a layer in a berry parfait dessert recipe, in a Dutch baby with lemon curd dessert recipe, to layer cake recipes, in a lemon curd mousse dessert recipe, and so much more.

There is nothing quite like a dessert recipe with lemon juice. Lemon has a unique and refreshing flavor that you can't get anywhere else, and this lemon juice curd recipe is perfect when you want something tangy and sweet. One of the best ways to maximize the amount of lemon juice in your lemons is to use a wooden citrus reamer. If you don't have a citrus reamer, you can also use a fork to help maximize the lemon juice you get. Cut the lemon in half, and squeeze to extract some lemon juice, then stick the fork into the lemon half and twist while continuing to squeeze the lemon. You'll want to do this over a strainer to avoid any lemon seeds. You can also use a hand held juice press to extract the lemon juice for this lemon curd dessert recipe. The best way to use a hand held lemon press is to cut the lemon in half, then cut off the pointed ends of the lemon. This will help you to press more lemon juice out of the lemon skin. You also want to make sure that you insert the lemon juice into the lemon press with the cut side of the lemon facing down toward the holes.

Lemon curd just might be the perfect use of lemon juice for your dessert recipes, but you can also use lemon juice to start your day. Lemon juice in water is a good way to help aid digestion, and many people swear by its benefits. To make lemon water you want to use warm water, not boiling just warm, with the addition of lemon juice first thing in the morning to help flush your digestive system and rehydrate your body. Use about 1/3 to 1/4 of the juice of a lemon, to one glass of water. You can also add a 1/4 inch piece of fresh ginger root if you like.

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