Gerties VERY BEST Ginger Cookies

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This ginger holiday cookie recipe is the perfect addition to any holiday table. These Ginger cookies are sure to be a tradition once you try them once. These homemade cookies used chopped candied ginger which makes this ginger cookie recipe stand out from the rest. There is something about ginger cookies that is comforting, with the lovely aroma of ginger and cloves filling your house. This is a great holiday cookie recipe to use for cookie swaps and holiday parties, and sure to be a favorite.

The molasses in this holiday cookie recipe gives them their rich, sweet flavor. Since using molasses attracts moisture like honey, easy homemade cookies and baked goods that are made with molasses stay moist and chewy a lot longer than those dessert recipes made with sugar. Blackstrap molasses is one type of molasses you might choose for this holiday cookie recipe, and it is the thick, dark syrup that is produced when the sugar cane plant is processed to make refined sugar. This type of molasses, when used in recipes, contains all the vitamins and minerals which were absorbed by the sugar cane plant from the soil, but which didn’t quite make it into the final product of nutritionally devoid processed white sugar. Blackstrap molasses has a robust flavor, and is loaded with nutrients. Blackstrap molasses also boasts a wealth of powerful health benefits. In a one tablespoon serving of blackstrap molasses, there is protein, iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, vitamin B6 and copper.

Also, blackstrap molasses is free of fat and cholesterol. And although blackstrap molasses contains a somewhat high level of sugar, the vitamin and mineral profile of the ingredient makes it a better option than processed sugar for those who have a sweet tooth. Consuming blackstrap molasses may help to prevent or cure iron-deficiency anemia. The most common cause of anemia in the body is iron deficiency, although deficiencies in other nutrients can also include B12 which can also cause the disorder. Anemia is characterized by fatigue, cracking at the corners of the mouth, paleness, feeling cold, anxiety, hair loss, and dizziness. Anemia is caused when the body cannot produce enough healthy red blood cells to help transport oxygen around the body. Because blackstrap molasses is such a excellent source of iron, many doctors recommend consuming a tablespoon a day stirred into some hot water for people with anemia or related disorders. This natural tonic is often called pregnancy tea as it may benefit pregnant women, who are a group at high risk of developing iron-deficiency anemia. The following is the recipe for Gerties Very Best Ginger Cookies.

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