Slow Cooker Potato Soup

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This slow cooker potato soup recipe will be the perfect comfort meal for any day of the week. Rather than relying on potatoes along, this hearty soup recipe includes the addition of bacon, cheddar cheese and green onion, for a baked potato inspired soup. The results are a dish that everyone will enjoy, including kids. The bacon adds a pop of saltiness, while the cheese melts right into the liquid of the soup. Considering this crock pot soup recipe's creamy nature and full flavour, it is no wonder that Ali, the author of the Gimme Some Oven recipe blog, loves it so much. If you similarly enjoy the tastes of bacon, cheese and potatoes, this potato soup is a dish you should bookmark for any day the weather gets chilly.

If you find yourself limited for time, crock pot recipes can be a life saver when it comes to getting dinner or lunch on the table. In this case, the potatoes are combined with chicken stock, bacon and onion, and slow cooked for hours before adding the final touches, which means most of this soup recipe is hands-off. The chicken stock isn’t mandatory though, as Ali mentions you can substitute with vegetable stock instead if desired. This fact is particularly ideal for vegetarians who may want to enjoy this steaming potato soup. If you will have non-meat eaters or are a vegetarian or vegan yourself, you can omit the bacon, and include some liquid smoke or smoked paprika in the mixture to achieve some of the taste that the bacon imparts. This soup will still be delicious with the starchy potatoes and oozing cheese. If you do go for the added bacon, though, you can use whatever variety you enjoy, whether it is uncooked bacon that you cook yourself or packaged precooked bacon.

Although crock pot meals tend to cook for several hours before serving, there are a few extra steps to make this the best soup ever. Once this potato soup recipe has cooked over several hours, the broth is enhanced with a white sauce that is made on the stove, as well as Greek yoghurt and cheddar cheese. White sauce recipes are similar across the board and are made from milk, flour and butter, which cook into a thick and creamy sauce. In the case of this soup, rather than milk, which can curdle easily in hot liquids, Ali uses evaporated milk which holds up better. Of course, if you don’t have evaporated milk on hand, you can substitute with regular milk, or even cream. The secret to the creamy taste of this dinner recipe is more dependent on the method of making the sauce and thickening with flour, rather than the kind of milk used. If you are on a gluten-free diet, though, you may want to change the process by thickening with cornstarch at the end or using coconut flour in place of the all-purpose flour at the beginning.

When the cooler weather strikes or you need something warm and comforting to feed your family, this potato soup recipe will be sure to be at the top of your recipe list. Since this dish uses potatoes, and any kind will do, this soup is an affordable meal to put on the table, and everyone will love the comforting nature of it. Consider adding some frozen corn kernels, chopped bell peppers or leftover ham to bulk the soup up further to feed your family. Thank you to Ali, the author of the Gimme Some Oven recipe blog, for sharing her slow cooker potato soup recipe with us.

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