Would you want to live in a TWO or THREE LEVEL Log Home ?

Photo Credit: Eco Log Homes

After looking at this log home kit, would you want to live in a two or thee level log home? This log home kit for sale has a 24 foot by 40-foot footprint and can have up to 2700 square feet of total living space. This log home kit called the Victorian is a compact log home design that uses space very efficiently. This means that the log home has both a low economical and ecological footprint. The log home kit has plenty of open space in the Great Room and many separate rooms that work for a big family.

Some of the features in this beautiful log home include space on two or three levels, with 960 square feet on the main level and about 700 square feet in the loft. You can also choose the optional 1,024 square foot basement with a separate two bedroom suite. This log home design is optimized for the use of passive solar energy if the log house design is positioned at the front entrance to North. The log home also works for solar panels for solar heating or solar hot water systems. This log home kit has a large open living room, dining and kitchen area, a front entrance with roofed porch, an office/den or bedroom on the main floor, along with a three piece bathroom with shower on the main floor. On the main floor, there is also laundry. If you choose the optional basement, it will be full height, with a single car garage with shop area, and a two bedroom suite with separate entrance and own laundry. You also have the option of design variations that will not change the footprint of the home; the log home plans can be easily changed to better accommodate each customer's needs and lifestyle.

Eco Logs is a log home kit company on Vancouver Island, British Columbia that will help make your log home dreams come true. If you are unsure of all, it takes to build your log home this company can help you. They offer professional Project Management services. This, manage your log home budget, ensure the quality control at construction site, manage the estimates and quotes, help to negotiate contracts with contractors and suppliers and report to the homeowner. They also provide energy performance modeling which means that they can model your log home for an energy performance evaluation by using the software Hot2000, which is developed by Natural Resources Canada. This energy model is normally done based on log home building plans before the building process has started. The energy model will help to show the details about the energy usage and cost of the log home, taking all the construction details and environmental aspects such as location into consideration.

Eco Log Homes manufacture log home kits for sale in partnership with the Cowichan Lake Timber Limited which is a well-recognized sawmill in Lake Cowichan area on Vancouver Island. They use only second growth wood from sustainably managed Vancouver Island forests. **

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